2015 Infiniti Q50 Auto Body Repair For Insurance

Client Locale: Residence in Los Gatos, CA 95030

Repair Location Site: Elite Collision Center, Campbell Ca 95008

Vehicle Type: 2015  

Party Paying: 


Repairs Made:

Repairs Made:

  • Replace Front Bumper
  • Replace Impact Bar
  • Replace Grille Assembly
  • Replace Radiator Support
  • Replace Left Fender Panel and fender liner
  • Repair Left Front Door Skin
  • Blend Paint Hood Panel (for seamless undetectable repair)
  • Pre and Post Repair DTC Scans
  • Buff and Polish all Freshly Painted Panels (for a factory correct finish)




  • Monday to Thursday
  • Four Days
  • *****Approximately 85% of our repairs are done in 4 days or less.
Elite Auto Body Shop & Collision Center

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